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You are choosing a sketch with a tattoo artist that you like.



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Try on the sketch you like on the chosen part of your body. Fix any imperfections. And approve the result.

Drawing a Picture


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Drawing a Picture

Final stage. After approving the result, we start tattooing..


  • 01. Tattoo

    We create the best tattoos in Chisinau!

    Tattoo img.Tattoo img.Tattoo img.
  • 02. Fixing a Bad Tattoo

    We fix bad tattoos and restore the faded pictures to their former vibrancy.

    Fixing a Bad Tattoo img.
  • 03. Cover Up Tattoo

    We will cover up your old tattoo with a new, vibrant design.

    Cover Up Tattoo img.Cover Up Tattoo img.Cover Up Tattoo img.
  • 04. Covering Scars

    We will conceal your scar with an excellent design.

    Covering Scars img.


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Can you do any kind of tattoo, in any style?

I specialize in detailed, photorealistic black and gray tattoos, and I also do color tattoos whenever possible. I have extensive experience with biomechanical, flora and fauna designs, and of course, I have a lot of experience with tribal and calligraphic tattoos as well. While there are very few things I can't draw, I strive to create unique and original tattoos for each individual.

I have a vague idea about the tattoo I want, but I can't decide on the details... What should I do?

Come in for a consultation. If you have sketches or any other examples, bring them with you, they will be helpful. I have a lot of ideas and can give you plenty of advice and suggestions. We'll have a relaxed chat, look through your examples and mine, make some sketches, listen to music, and have a coffee or tea. I don't give up easily, and as I mentioned before, I'm good at these things; trust me, and I'm sure we'll find a design that you'll love.

Does it hurt? How bad?

It does hurt, but not badly. In any case, it's not nearly as painful as you imagine. Tattoos are permanent, so we have to use needles on your skin. But don't worry, the needles don't go too deep, and usually, the whole procedure is not as unpleasant as it may seem. Look, think of it this way: anyone can get a tattoo, it's not just for tough guys and masochists ;). And here's another thing: I have many clients who doze off while I'm tattooing them; they've gotten so used to tattoos that they hardly even notice the needles. Honestly.

How much does a tattoo cost? Can we negotiate?

The starting price is 700 lei, and generally, that amount is sufficient for smaller tattoos or ones that are approximately the size of a business card. For larger works, the cost depends on the size, complexity, and duration, but as a rough estimate, something the size of a cigarette pack would cost between 2000-3000 lei, and something the size of a greeting card would cost between 4000-6000 lei. In the case of even larger tattoos that cannot be completed in a single session, the price is calculated based on duration at a fixed rate of 5000 lei per session (a session lasts the entire day). We do not negotiate or haggle; it is not about greed, but simply the fact that I am an artist, not a merchant.

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